COMING SOON; Our review of the new Carry Speed Camera Strap System

This is the first camera strap system to employ an offset attachment design

which allows the shooter to mount the camera directly to any tripod without

removing the strap, AND it lays flat against your hip when it’s in the lowered
(hanging) position. We’ll put this strap thru the paces and post our

thoughts here for your review.

The Specs:

Original Offset Hanging DesignTripod Mount Ready Design

Detachable Shoulder Pad
3 button quick release buckle
Better distribution of load (distributed via a plate rather than a knob)
FREE Uni-Strap / Hand Strap included
Extra Wide Shoulder pad

Package Includes:

CS-PRO Sling Strap x 1 (Include the connector)
Speed Mounting Plate x 1
Ball Head Locknut x 1
Uni-Strap/Hand Strap