This Vertical battery grip allows the shooter to hold the camera vertically and still have use of the  shutter and aperture/shutter speed control dials. It powers the camera with 1 or 2  En-EL15  batteries ( one ithe camera, one in the grip) or  six AA batteries which will allow you to shoot longer without power loss.. The grip attaches securely to the camera body and there’s a vertical firing release with a lock so shooting verticals is as easy as shooting horizontals.

This grip features a built-in infrared remote control that allows remote shooting within a range of up to 39′ (12 m). The remote control transmitter provides autofocus before shutter release and continuous shutter release or bulb function for as long as the button remains pressed. Built-in power management regulates the power output and detects use of Li-ion or AA batteries automatically. Batteries are not included. HL-HN-D7000 HN-D7000 Pro Battery Grip for Nikon D7000 Camera Feature Highlights: HN-D7000 Pro Battery Grip for Nikon D7000 Camera, Vertical Shutter Release, Built-In Infrared Remote Control, Uses Rechargeable Li-Ion/AA Batteries.