Your Video Productions with your DSLR is only as good as the sound you record and while on camera microphones are good, they aren’t nearly as capable as a quality shotgun micronphone like ther Mk100 from Hahnel. It provides Broadcast Quality sound without breaking the bank. It’s been designed for use with all modern DSLR’s and Mirrorless/P&S still cameras that shoot Hi Def Video. The MK100 is fitted with a 14mm electret condenser capsule which produces high quality audio and digital audio devices with a uni-directional pick-up. Employing a Super Cardiod design the Mk100 ensures minimum unwanted interference while collecting maximum targeted sound. The 3 position volume sensitivity switch has -10 0 +10 settings. This allows the user to optimize the microphone performance when recording both high and low level audio. A Low Cut setting minimizes wind noise. Readily available AAA batteries are included giving over 100 hours running time. Fitted with a Hot Shoe adaptor and a 3/8 thread the MK100 fits easily on any camera boompole monopod & tripod. Also included is a shock mount to eliminate noise-causing vibrations.