Sales & Marketing Update
To: All Sport Optics Dealers / Representatives
From: Marketing Department
Memo #: 2012-61
Date: March 9, 2012
Re: New Product Release – CRF 1600-B





We’re pleased to announce the NEW Leica
Rangemaster 1600-B. This represents the next
innovation in our 20 year history as the leader in
laser rangefinding products. Like its predecessor
the CRF 1600, the CRF1600-B will determine
ranges out to 1600 yards. However, it differs in a
few dramatic ways.
The Leica CRF 1600-B features our newly developed ballistic function ABC™
(Advanced Ballistic Compensation), accounts for air pressure, temperature, and angle
of inclination to offer holdover values displayed in one of three output modes:
1 – provides linear holdover value in inches (or centimeters)
2 – provides true horizontal distance equivalent to target in yards (or meters)
3 – provides holdover in ¼ M.O.A (or mil radian)
We utilize the same 12 pre-programmed ballistics curves as the CRF 1600, but
holdover values will now be given from 100 yards to a full 880 yards (compared to only
500 yards on the CRF 1600).
Other functions, performance specifications, size, weight, dimensions, and price will be
the same as in the existing CRF 1600. Expected shipping of the NEW Leica
Rangemaster CRF 1600-B is anticipated to begin in June.