The photographers here at PhotoGizmos are always on the lookout for the best photo gear to use in the field and the studio, so to find out what is the best we often put our gear through some very tough, real world situations to see just how well it fares. The PhotoGizmos team has put this particular tripod series from Benro through the most challenging tests including a 10 day trek through Death Valley. In one instance, I had to actually disassemble my 2691 TA to use the legs as ladder rungs to stand on to rescue myself off a 500 foot cliff after the ledge I was standing on crumbled away beneath my feet. I am certain that the 8 layer carbon fiber was key to being able to hold my weight as I wedged the legs into the rocks to stand on as I¬†climbed down 200 feet to a lower ledge. I still use that tripod every day.To say these tripods are tough is an understatement. Of course, I wouldn’t try that at home…I may have just been really lucky.

This tripod is feature rich, including a  reversible center column which allowed me to shoot some nice macro shots at the salt flats, 288 feet below sea level while I was at Death Valley.









The nice folks at Benro just sent us a video featuring this series of travel tripods to share with you.