Many of us mourned the passing of the era of the classic Instant camera. As unpredictable as the image quality was, it was still always fun to walk around a party, snapping images and handing them to your friends to “shake” into existence. With that memory in mind, we’re excited to see that instant photos are finding their way back into our lives with new products from Fuji like the awesome wireless WIFI printer that connects and prints from our cell phones! pic_01feature01_img_01     The SP-1 offers several photo templates, from classic “Polaroid instant” style to modern edition templates to dress up your cell phone images as well as smart adjust technology to enhance the images via the App on your phone prior to printing. You can even add captions and names to the photos. Another great feature is that you can print an exact copy for each person in the photo….no more fighting over that one special photo. The images are 2 x 3 ( credit card sized), easily slipped into a pocket or wallet and will surely be the hit of any social gathering. You can print any photos from your phone at any time. MSRP $199.99 If you’re interested in enjoying this type of photography without using your smart phone, check out the uber-cool Retro styled Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic Instant Camera.

pic_01 (1)

This stylish little camera produces the same Instax Mini 2 x 3 inch instant images as the SP-1 but they are produced from within the camera and eject out the side like it’s 1979. With an fixed 60mm autofocus lens, you’ll find this is the perfect instant camera for parties or even serious art. MSRP $199.99


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