Here’s a new concept in camera supports…..small enough to fit into your camera bag, big enough to hold your small camera steady for that perfect shot. With the BallPod and your self timer, you can even get into the shot yourself! 

ball pod

BallPod ® is an innovative tripod for cameras, video cameras,smartphones and even digital recorders. BallPod ® not only looks better than traditional tripods, but is also versatile and incredibly practical Perfect for amateur photographers, and even pros! Just screw it into the tripod socket of your small device and sit it on almost any surface. Shape it an mold it to fit the shape of the surface .  

Just set ´n´ shoot!

BallPod® compensates any challenging ground. Whether it is rocky, wet, soft, or with a slope… simply set your BallPod® in the desired position and shoot the photo!  With BallPod®, you avoid camera shake for sure.

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