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Our Reviewers

Frank Lee Ruggles

Frank Lee Ruggles – 1966 – 2021

I can not express the loss everyone feels the loss of our friend, Frank Ruggles. Frank was larger than life and his ability to connect with anyone he met was something special. We miss you every day my friend !


Frank Ruggles served as an official photographer of the National Park Service from 2007 to 2010. During his tenure, he visited and photographed over 150 National Parks, Monuments and Forests across the nation. Frank described his work as a National Park Service photographer as his “dream job,” a position once held by his photographic hero, Ansel Adams.

A professional photographer since 1992, Frank Ruggles has done nearly every type of commercial photography, from architecture and photo journalism to product and scientific photography to portraiture and weddings. Prior to his assignment with the National Park Service, he worked with a number of federal government agencies, including the Departments of State, Commerce, Energy and Defense, the FBI, and the Smithsonian Institute. He recently finished his tour with the National Park Service and is preparing his private works for gallery exhibitions across the country. He teaches Photography through his popular “Hike and Shoot” workshops.

Lee Love

Lee Love is a Washington, D.C. based advertising and editorial photographer. While his normal photography tools involve pre-production, lighting setups and medium format camera systems, he enjoys Gizmos and Gadgets as much as the rest of the PG team.