Articulating Arms
These new articulating arms are the perfect complement to the Pico Dolly¬† or for holding your monitor in place . The arms have two nicely machined metal sections. The lower section has a locking accessory show mount, or you can remove the shoe and use it with either a 1/4×20 female or male thread, so it fits any need.¬† There is a ball joint on the base allowing it to swivel in most any direction. The top section also has a ball joint and a threaded 1/4×20 post. The large knurled knob allows you to loosen both ball joints, top and bottom, move the arm into whater position you desire, and lock everything up with the twist of one knurled knob. A simple to use, yet extremely versatile design. Available in two lengths: 7″ and 11″ heights.


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