World’s Only Flash Drive for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch 4G. Imagine a USB flash drive that not only¬†connects to your computer but also to your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch 4g as well. The HyperDrive iFlashDrive is the easiest way to transfer data between your iDevices and Mac/P

In addition to a USB connector to function as a normal USB flash drive for computers, it also possess an Apple-approved 30-pin dock connecter that connects with the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch to perform two way data transfer. iFlashDrive is the easiest way to move files between different iDevices and computers. No iTunes or Internet required. Perfect when computers or networks are not available like on board airplanes, underground basements or out of signal areas. iFlashDrive is safer and more secure as data is transferred and stored locally without going through Internet or 3rd party networks.