The new Leica MP Monochrome  and two other surprises will be announced Thursday.

Leica Camera will announce a new Digital  Rangefinder Thursday May 9th, based on the very popular Leica MP body style. It will record images in Black and White only, with a very unique “Leica” look , as produced by Leica’s processor.

 This Special Edition camera will retail for about  $1000 more than the Leica M9-P. Sources close to PhotoGizmos report that this camera will mimic the film shooting experience more closely by not having a LDC on the back of the camera for image review.

We don’t yet have a sample of this camera, so we cannot confirm this LDC rumor, but we suspect this is accurate.

We do know however, that tomorrow Leica will also announce a new 50mm lens which will match perfectly with your new MP-Mono; the M50mmF2.0. It is being reported that this is among the absolute sharpest lenses ever offered by Leica.  I think it’s safe to say you won’t find these readily available at your local retailer ( PLEASE tell me you visit your local retailer and don’ just hand your business off to the two or three “big new york stores” … Local camera stores always take better care of you!) Call your retailer and get yourself on the waiting list for this lens. Retail will be around $6999

And Finally,  there will be a new X2 camera with fixed 35mm f/1.4 Summilux lens announced tomorrow. Retail will be approx; $3,000USD, about $1000 more than the Current X1. At 16-18 MPX sensor will offer seven more resolution than the current 12.2 Mp APS-C CMOS sensor in the X1an We’ll also have optional EVF: and an improved LCD and AF.