Stellar Lighting CT-R-FLO18 Replacement Lamp For 18 inch RingLight

If you’ve ever photographed macro shots, your’e probably familiar with the unique qualities of a ring light. The softness and even coverage of the lights make for sharp clear and well-lit small shots.Stellar is now offering jumbo-sized ring lights ( 12 and 18 inches) that make really easy, really beautiful portraits, too. Simply shoot through the ring with your DSLR and presto! the light falling on the subject has an almost magical effect. The catch-lights in the eyes make a certain sparkle that some people like and others don’t care as much for, ( but a few moments with photoshop fixes that)

The technique I have found to really make this light effective is to start  with ISO 400, Aperture priority and f4. Move the light closer and farther until the light looks perfect for our subject’s face, focus on the eyes and snap away. Instant beauty and glamour.

This stellar light mounts on a tripod center column or a light stand ( my preference) and includes two bulbs,  5,500 and 3,200 Kelvin so you can match ambient light. Simply set it up and start snapping like a pro!

This incredible light retails for only $249.99

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